About Me

I started to shoot years ago with an old Russian Zenith photo camera. The motives for this were very personal. But in the year 2000, I was accepted in the “Photography” program at the New Bulgarian University. I started studying “Film and TV cinematography” because I was fascinated by nature documentaries.

Since 2000 I have worked in the field of television. I started as an assistant cameraman, working on a show which aired on the Bulgarian National Television. There I layed the foundations of my practical knowledge, and the people with whom I worked were experienced professionals. Later I spent several happy years at UVT Soho Production, where I was a camera technician, camera assistant, sound recordist, and when needed – a cameraman; for documentary series, which the company produced for the Bulgarian National Television and the BNT Satellite channel. Separately I participated in various productions which rented equipment from the company. In this period I was also a member of foreign production teams from Israel and Germany. It was a long period in which I worked at lower positions, but it was the right way to gain knowledge and experience needed in the work of a contemporary videographer.

I am a cameraman/DoP for hire on documentaries and corporate films, music videos and TV shows. I have extensive experience as a studio cameraman for television providers like the Bulgarian National Television, Nova TV, the former PROBG, BTV, and Planeta TV as part of the team of the Movable Television Stations company IMS. For a year I was a cameraman for the TV channel “TV +”.

With the Director Marta Varlamova-Trifonova, I have worked on several “Dance For Video” projects, featuring ballet-dancers of Ballet “Arabesque” (ARABESQUE CONTEMPORARY DANCE COMPANY), and a 40-minute dance film.

Since 2011 I have been a videographer at Globus Media Group – a production company based in Sofia city, with two TV channels: Travel TV and This is Bulgaria HD. In the beginning, I worked entirely on the “This is Bulgaria” project. For almost two years we traveled in Bulgaria far and wide, trying to shoot every beautiful sight in the country, every important historical place, things that are part of Bulgarian life in the past and in the present. The project was shot with a Panasonic camera, prime lenses by Carl Zeiss and an external Convergent Design recorder. More information is available on the project’s page www.tovae.bg. With Globus Media’s team, I shot many documentaries for municipalities and state institutions, corporate films for various companies, advertisements and others.